Terms of Service

The General Conditions of Use, what is it?

These Terms of Use are rules to be respected on the whole site and constitute a contract between McBluesik and the Site User.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use

The consultation of the site requires registration. All activities on the site commits the user to accept these Terms of Use.
The services are for now:
“News feed”
“Private Message” (Messages exchanged on this service are the sole responsibility of their authors and there is no moderation on these messages.)
Later, a forum will be made available

ALL the content of the site can be “displayed” on Google.

The User must understand that this content is public and therefore available to everyone.
He undertakes to respect the privacy of all other Users and not to store, disseminate, create, transmit, or communicate any illegal, pornographic or defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or offensive content to the order public or whatever the recipient.

You are invited to inform the administrator of the site (Julien McBluesik) in case of harassment or illicit character at this address: mcbluesik@gmail.com


This contract is concluded between McBluesik and the user upon acceptance by the latter for an unlimited period.
In case of refusal, the User agrees to no longer use the Site and the Services.
Failure to comply with any of the obligations set forth herein will result in the immediate termination of the contract between McBluesik and the user.


McBluesik puts in place means to improve the site but can not be held responsible for any unavailability, failure, modification or error occurred during the use of the site.
The “absolute” security of the Service is not guaranteed because of the risks related to the Internet.
McBluesik reserves the right to modify, delete any or all Services offered on the Site, at any time and without having to justify itself.
The User acknowledges that he uses the Site and the Services at his sole and entire risk.
It must understand that this content can be public and therefore available to everyone.
McBluesik is not responsible for the relationship between Site Users.
However, you are welcome to inform the Site Administrator (Julien McBluesik) of any harassing or unlawful character at this address: mcbluesik@gmail.com


McBluesik does not use cookies at the moment but will use the Google Analytics service later to improve user browsing. These cookies may be disabled by going to the browser options.

Intellectual property

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McBluesik is protected by international laws on copyright and the protection of intellectual property. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, in whole or in part, its content. The User undertakes to respect these rights.
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